Summer Walker is looking a little different these days, according to some of the people who came across her most recent posts. On Saturday (May 16th), Summer took to social media to announce that she'll be releasing a new EP produced by NO1 in the near future, and included some recent photos of herself posing in a white, cut-out jumpsuit. Despite the exciting news that we'll be getting some new tunes from her soon—especially since she had previously declared that she was quitting music for good—fans were more focused on just how shockingly different she looks in these recent shots.

The comments on her IG post were flooded with her followers' reactions to her transformation. "You don’t even look like yourself," one user wrote, which another agreed with, saying, "U don't look like you summer." Others speculated that she'd gotten further plastic surgery following her rumoured nose job back in February, which led to her getting compared to Michael Jackson. "Did she get more work done?" one user questioned. "...... work has been done," another concurred. 

Over on Twitter, folks expressed similar sentiments to her post.

Check out some more recent shots that Summer posted on IG. Do you agree that she looks totally different?