Has it ever crossed anybody's mind that this could possibly be the exact reason why Summer Walker is so fed up with the idea of fame, threatening to retire from music after this year? The R&B star is the recent subject of plastic surgery rumors with fans convinced she went and knifed up her nose. The singer was spotted wearing a face mask in the last few weeks and, during her date night with London On Da Track in Las Vegas at the Wilder-Fury fight, she took the covers off to unveil what some are saying is a new nose. 

Summer Walker nose
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

After finding her name in gossip headlines pertaining to an alleged appearance shift, fans have started comparing the singer to Michael Jackson when pointing out the alleged differences in her look. "Went and got the Jackson family special and messed up her nose," wrote one commenter on social media. "Summer Walker has the same nose as Michael Jackson during the ‘Invincible’ era," said another.

If we're being completely honest, who even cares if she got a nose job? If she did -- and we're not saying that's the case -- then she likely was unhappy with her appearance and decided to change it so she could hopefully be more secure. Can we please stop speculating about this now?