How many times can a couple "officially" break up and get back together in the same year?

Summer Walker and London On Da Track once painted a picture of love with their social media displays of affection. Then, after a few highly-public break-ups and reconciliations, they muddied their own painting with touches of toxicity all over the place.

The singer-producer couple has teamed up to create some incredible music in the past, most notably for Summer's album Over It. However, in recent months, they've seemingly only been making the news because of their ridiculous on-again-off-again relationship, which has a new update every single week.

At the end of October, Summer told the world that she was finished with London, writing: "Officially single lol. Eventually you have to give some kind of a fuck about yourself. It's the bare minimum for me." Apparently, that was cap because, this weekend, she and London were hanging out and, judging by their steamy kissing video, they're very much back together.

Laying out in the grass, the two posted a series of photos and videos, including one where they kissed and cuddled on top of one another. That's enough proof for their fans to be back wondering why, after so many breakups, they continue to think they're right for each other. I guess one more try won't hurt but, damn, when will this end?