2019 is already off to a weird start. R. Kelly is finally under investigation for the alleged sex crimes he's committed over the past two decades, Donald Trump had the Clemson Tigers eat Big Macs off of a silver platter at the White House, and Soulja Boy is back in the news. Big Draco's been wildin' out on the Internet, recently airing out Tyga for claims that the "Rack City" rapper had the biggest comeback of the year. Many rappers reposted the video including Meek Mill who clearly got a kick out of it. However, Soulja Boy seems to have an issue with that.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

After taking aim at Kanye West and Tyga, Soulja Boy fired shots Meek Mill for posting his rant about Tyga on his Instagram. Big Soulja returned to Instagram Live before finding out Meek posted the viral video on his page and clearly, Soulja Boy wasn't feeling that.

Meek Mill posted me on his page?” Soulja Boy asked to his loyal following. "I wasn’t trying to go viral n**ga! I was just saying some real sh** stupid little n**gas! Y’all n**gas always on my d**k, n**ga! I ain’t posting no other rap n**gas on my page, n**ga—y’all on my d**k!"

Adding, "I ain't on y'all d**k! I ain't posting Meek Mill on my mothafuckin' page! I got every n***a in the rap game talkin' 'bout some 'Tyga?! Tyga?!' Copyin' me and shit, I'm goin' viral... Ain't no rapper in L.A. have a bigger house than me!!"

His tirade against Meek specifically continued earlier today during his appearance on the Breakfast Club over claims that Meek had a bigger comeback than he did. Although he admitted he enjoyed "Dangerous" and Championships, he argued that Meek Mill's beef with Drake wasn't as big as his feud with Chris Brown.

"Yo! Meek Mill never beef with Chris Brown and was finna box him with Floyd Mayweather," he exclaimed before taking aim at Drake by claiming he taught the Toronto artist "everything he knows."