Now that Hot Girl Summer is officially coming to a close, we've got bigger and better things to worry about. Megan Thee Stallion is attempting to continue her reign by implementing Hot Nerd Fall and Hot Girl Fall but those just don't have the greatest rings to them. 21 Savage, on the other hand, came up with a solid idea to empower all the men out there who missed out on their chance to live their best life this summer. The Atlanta-based superstar took to social media to announce the beginning of a new season, coining the phrase "fuckboy fall" and introducing it to our lives. It turns out that one of the rap game's biggest legends, Snoop Dogg, is down with the idea because he just offered up his co-sign for the next few months of debauchery.

Snoop Dogg is a happily married man and admittedly so, 21 Savage has also been looking for a wife to lock down. However, you won't find "the one" if you just settle on the first person you see so 21 Savage and Snoop Dogg are advocating for men to just do them this autumn, promoting "fuckboy fall" in a new post. Noting that the occasion is "finally here," Snoop made no mention of Savage in his text upload, instead raising his hands in celebration as his comments began to blow up.

What are you celebrating the next few months? Fuckboy Fall? Hot Girl Fall? Or something else?