Back in 2016, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage was featured on a Drake track titled "Sneakin'" on which he professed, "Baby I'm a savage, I ain't romantic." 

21 seemingly changed his tune shortly after the song's October release, and revealed that he had a crush on one other than Kylie Jenner in a series of tweets that would spark a tense back and forth with Tyga. "Got this super star chick I got a big crush on," he tweeted before dropping a picture of Jenner complete with three heart eye emojis. Though Savage and Kylie did not ever become romantically involved, 21's relationship luck changed about a year later when he began dating model Amber Rose. “She's a real cool woman. She treats me like a king, you know. It is what it is,” he revealed during a 2017 interview on the Real 92.3 LA. “[She] makes me do shit that I don't normally do, like take vitamins and drink water.”

As you might know, Amber and 21 split earlier this year, and while Amber is currently in a relationship with record executive Alexander Edwards, 21 appears to have remained on his quest to find a leading lady. In a recent post, 21 wrote, "lonely... I need a girlfriend who like 2K and guns," adding 2 laughing emojis. 

Do you know anyone who fits these criteria?