Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jxmmi is standing in solidarity with A$AP Rocky as he refuses to visit Sweden while his friend is in jail. Rocky has been detained in a Swedish facility for three weeks and prosecutors look as if they're moving forward with assault charges against the rapper. The White House has reportedly been in talks with the Swedish government to aid in Rocky's release, but Swedish prosecutors are adamant that they do not follow American laws and will not be pressured by the United States government.

The world watched the viral videos of the assault that landed Rocky and members of his entourage in prison, and it's clear that they were reacting to being accosted, harassed, and stalked on the streets of Sweden. The two men following them will not face charges, and many are crying foul on the case against Rocky. Some of his friends have called for a boycott of the country including ScHoolboy Q, Tyga, and Tyler, The Creator.

Adding his name to that list is Slim Jxmmi who told a TMZ cameraman that he ran into some trouble of his own in another country. "When you're overseas, it's real tricky," Jxmmi said. "They laws is different. I had got detained for smoking a blunt at a festival so you gotta be real careful. But free A$AP because it's really not right...and when you think about it, they let G-Eazy go. Shout out to G-Eazy, that's my guy, but they let G-Eazy go for some wild sh*t. I don't wanna say it's 'cause of the color of his skin, but it looked wilder."


In May 2018, rapper G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden after he assaulted a bouncer. He was found with cocaine and was hauled off to jail, but G-Eazy was released just 48 hours later. Meanwhile, Jxmmi believes that Rocky and those who were arrested with him should be freed as soon as possible because their incarceration isn't fair. "In our hearts, in our spirits, we know that's not right. So, free A$AP. A$AP, man, I hope everything goes well." The rapper added that he is joining the boycott of Sweden. 

"I'm not going to Sweden," he said. "I'll go to Sweden when they let A$AP free...ain't nobody going to Sweden until they let A$AP free or they change they laws." Jxmmi added Swedish official should give A$AP all the money he could have earned traveling and performing. "When A$AP says Sweden is good, then we'll go to Sweden. If A$AP don't say Sweden's good, we ain't goin'."