After being arrested in Sweden on charges of aggravated assault, A$AP Rocky's predicament continued to worsen once the rapper's appeal was denied by the Supreme Court. Now, with Flacko facing a possible max sentence of six years (and missing out on his lucrative remaining European tour dates in the process), support for the imprisoned Rocky continues to grow. Naturally, his close friend and collaborator Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter to chime in with a passionate response, swearing off Sweden for the indefinite future.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter, Tyler vowed "no more Sweden for me, ever," alongside an all-caps chorus of "FLACKO FLACKO FLACKO." The Tweet seemed to spur rumblings of a boycott, and his comment section proceeded to be lined with upset Swedish fans and strong-willed supporters in equal measure. Of course, the bromance between Tyler, The Creator, and A$AP Rocky is the stuff of hip-hop legend, and such a heated response from Tyler is no surprise; one has to wonder what might happen should hip-hop stand together as a united front.

For now, Rocky remains in jail until further notice. He's currently set to be detained in Sweden for at least two weeks (as of a few days ago), as prosecutors have deemed him to be a flight risk. Until he sees his freedom once again, it's FREE FLACKO as usual.