As Barbados dropped Queen Elizabeth as its head of state to become the world's newest republic, Prime Minister Mia Mottley bestowed the nation's highest honors onto the nation's most recognized citizen: Rihanna

During a ceremony recognizing Barbados new status as a republic, Mottley took a few moments to name Rihanna the National Hero of Barbados. Becoming the 11th National Hero of all time, and the nation's first since 1998, Rihanna was recognized for her contributions to the creative community, and the assistance she has provided in times of need. 

Toby Melville - Pool/Getty Images

"May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honor to your nation by your works, by your actions," Mottley told the Savage x Fenty founder.

Upon being named National Hero, Rihanna said that she is immensely proud to be from Barbados, and assured that it is the only place she has ever called home. 

"The people. Y'all are the true heroes of Barbados and I take y'all with me wherever I go. I'm so proud to be a Bajan. I'm gonna be a Bajan 'til the day I die. This is still the only place I've ever called home," she said, on stage alongside Mottley. "I love Barbados. I love you guys. And I pray that the youth continue to push Barbados forward. I'm so proud of you, Prime Minister Mia Mottley. Thank you so much for honoring me in this way. I have travelled the world and received several awards and recognitions, but nothing, nothing compares to being recognized in the soil in that you grew in. I thank you so much for this." 

While fans continue to beg for a paltry hint at the potential for new music, Rihanna has been busy becoming a titan of industry, as well as a bonafide philanthropist, and it's clear Mottley and the rest of Barbados recognnizes that. 

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