RiFF RaFF continues to shake up the rap game, just by being himself. Although people are often confused as to whether or not the Mad Decent signee is a complete joke or an actual rapper, RiFF RaFF is adamant he's for real. We'll finally hear just how real he is with his debut album, Neon Icon, dropping on Diplo's Mad Decent label.

RiFF RaFF definitely has that love-it-or-hate-it vibe, and everyone in the music industry seems at odds as to which side to chose. Drake seems to support the rapper, while the programming director of Hot 97, Ebro, is definitely opposed. RiFF RaFF recently joked on Twitter about being 'Drake's last new friend,' after the rapper followed RiFF. Will we be seeing more of this friendship on Neon Icon? In a new interview, both Diplo and the artist himself discuss the upcoming album, and who to expect on it. There seems to be a definite possibility that Drizzy will be on there, although a specific song has not been confirmed. Nonetheless, RiFF RaFF says he's on the remix to "Started From The Bottom" which is in the mixing stages.

On the album features, Diplo and RiFF name Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Skylar Grey, and Skrillex. However, as Diplo says, the album isn't about the features. "We got some features on this album, but we’re not trying to sell the album like it’s a bunch of rappers you [already] know about," Diplo said during the interview. "RiFF RaFF’s already put out so many mixtapes, so many videos, this album’s kinda like a collection of like ‘Yo, this is the mothafuckin future of music.’ So, that’s what it’s about it. And it’s about him, 100 percent."

"There's a lot of people in my crew doing production and it's a lot of young producers. We're not sure who all the producers are right now. There's everybody from kids at the label, I did some production, Lex Luger, Mac Miller produced the record for himself, DJ Mustard, Skrillex," Diplo revealed, before saying he was executive producing the LP.

As for the "Started From The Bottom (Remix)" RiFF said about it, "Me and Drake we got shit coming. For the album I’m trying to decide which one and also with the 'Started From The Bottom (Remix)' like 40 has to mix that one down still…I know that when we shoot the video we’ll probably be at Drake's house like cooking crab legs or something." The Houston native added, "I don’t know who else is on it. I’m actually not sure and actually it almost doesn't even matter cause I crashed it so hard."

Watch the full interview with the producer and rapper below.

[Update: Cover Art Revealed]

It's official, y'all. Jody Highroller has revealed the cover art for his imminent "Neon Icon" album.

Peep his confirming tweet below, and listen to the latest we've heard from RiFF.