The Birdman vs. Lil Wayne beef has been going on for quite sometime. Despite the fact that Birdman considers himself a father figure to Weezy, it seems he still hasn't fulfilled a contractual agreement in paying Wayne what he's owed. Last week, Birdman went off on a rant trying to silence anyone who says that he owes Wayne money. Many assumed it was directed at Rick Ross. Later on Rick Ross chimed in, telling Birdman to "pay dat man." While Birdman has yet to respond to Rick Ross, it seems that Rozay had some follow up questions. 

In a series of Snapchat videos that Rick Ross posted, he continued to share more thoughts he had on Birdman. He continued to not only question if Birdman paid Lil Wayne yet but also questioned his business ethics. In the first snap, Rick Ross is seated in a vehicle, on his way to get food with some friends while he went on a pretty epic rant. 

"It just ran across my mind. And I said, 'damn, I wonder if Birdman paid that man yet?' Pay that man." He continues, "Pay that man. Man, that man sold a million his first week. God damn, what a nigga gotta do to get his money? What that man gotta do for you to pay him? Sell 10 million in the first two days? Then you'll pay that man? God damn... Man, let you sweet niggas ride around clean for a long time, man. Gon' get a loan and pay that man. You know what I don't like really the most about this shit is the fact that y'all two fightin' each other instead of y'all two fighting the white people. You switched out on him."

Ross later goes into detail about the time that he and Birdman negotiated a $15 million deal. However, Ross says that Birdman knew not to pull off what he's done to other artists. He says if Birdman didn't pay him, he would've given him the "death sentence." Ross later ends his little rant by taking shots at Birdman's recent grill removal and his plans to take the tattoos off of his face.

"So, take all your plastic out your mouth, erase all the tattoos on your face. What you can't do is give them young soldiers back that time they gave you. That's it." Ross says.

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You could watch the series of videos below: