Birdman is an iconic figure in hip hop, whether you like him or not. From the streets of New Orleans, he's built the enormous empire that is Cash Money records. For over 20 years, he's dominated the charts and helped build some of the most iconic stars of today. Of course, anyone under his umbrella must have a unique star quality. Birdman himself has his own unique look that he's carried throughout his career. His face tattoos play a role in how distinguishable he is from everyone else. However, it seems that he'll be making some major changes to his look.

Birdman hit Instagram recently to unveil his pearly whites. For the majority of his career, he's had a pair of grillz that have been stuck in his mouth. However, that isn't the only change that's he'll be undergoing. He also took to Instagram last night to announce that he'll be removing the tattoos from his face. He posted a selfie with the caption "Takin tattoos off my face #livinlegend #lifestyle #RICHLIFE #Bryanwilliams #kali." The tattoos are still there but just like his grillz, he'll be removing them in the near future. There doesn't seem to be a particular reason behind it. However, the rapper is nearing his 50's at this point so perhaps it could be a solution to a mid-life crisis. Regardless, Birdman's tatts have been a pivotal part of who he is in the public eye. The red stars take surround the top of his head and the tears down his eyes have been just as notable to his brand as the grillz he once had. It's always been a wonder what Birdman would look like without any face tattoos. However, it looks like we'll find out very soon.

In other Birdman related news, the Cash Money CEO recently went off on an epic rant about people chiming in on his business. The rant was in relation to the public outcry of people demanding Birdman to pay Lil Wayne what he's properly owed. However, the rant seemed to take a subliminal aim at Rick Rosswho later replied, echoing the public's sentiment.

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