By now, the saga of Lil Wayne's lost album Tha Carter 5 has become a tragic legend, and there are legions of Weezy fans who hold Birdman responsible for the project's purgatorial state. In fact, the Lil Wayne and Birdman father-son drama has been well documented, with the former generally tending to be more vocal about his frustrations. Wayne has occasionally sounded off on his so-called "daddy" in the past, and while Birdman has generally moved in silence, the Cash Money mogul recently released a lengthy rant about the situation. Clearly, Birdman is sick of all the Wayne fans crusading against him, especially when they have no idea what they're talking about. 

Birdman took to Instagram live to send a merciless message to his detractors, stating: ""On G though, right? I be hearing all you ni**as talking about this Lil Wayne shit. Lil Wayne this, Lil Wayne that. Bitch, Lil Wayne my son. I raised him. He ain't had nothin', and I brought him to be something, and he got some. Bitch, you think I ain't gonna make sure he straight? Suck a n**a dick, bitch. I'm gonna show all you pussy ni**as that got in my business, fuck you ni**a. I'm gonna show you don't play with me, ni**a. I'm what you call a fucking real mastermind."

As you can see, Birdman is not exactly pleased with the chatter. Over the course of the eleven minute rant, Birdman continues to fire shots at his critics, and delivers an ominous warning that things might very well get worse between him and his surrogate son. While this is the closest we've come to hearing Birdman's take, he doesn't exactly clarify much on the situation, and the status of Tha Carter V remains unknown. 

Catch the complete video below, and, in all seriousness, put some respect on Birdman's name. Some have speculated that Birdman is also taking a few subliminal shots at Rick Ross, who aired out his own grievances with the mogul on "Idols Become Rivals." Ultimately, Birdman does have a point - it's family business, and as much as it may hurt, the fans should probably let Wayne and Birdman settle their issues behind the scenes.