Earlier today, Birdman released an epic rant on haters, doubters, and anybody bothering him about the financial status of Lil Wayne. In the process, the Cash Money mogul took some subliminal shots at Rick Ross, who initially dissed him on "Idols Become Rivals." And while Birdman may be one of hip-hop's top earners with a net worth of $110 million, Rozay was never one to back down to no man. God may forgive, but Ross doesn't, and the Floridian was quick to hit Snapchat for a response. 

"Boy, you a year late, and five years late paying that man his money," says Ross, referring to Lil Wayne. "Pay that man his money. We know you ain't right. Stop with the jokes, n***a. Bring that shit. Bring it."  Afterward, the scene changes to a massive gazebo, in which Ross continues to monologue from a tropical paradise. "Have no fear. All that talkin' shit, nuh-uh, all that shit don't work round here baby. We'll put you in check n***a, we'll put you somewhere else." 

Clearly, Ross isn't pleased with Birdman's latest video, and the boss makes shit-talking sound like an art form. "Shut up and pay n***as," concludes Ross, remaining adamant to some of "Idols Become Rivals" biggest themes. It's crazy to see these two moguls going head to head, and threats of violence continue to escalate. Still, at the end of the day, there's no way Birdman won't respond to this latest threat from Ross, and it's only a matter of time before Wayne weighs into this fiasco. Hopefully, this can resolved diplomatically, as it would be a shame to see some of hip-hop's top earners resorting to violence, especially after both have accomplished so much. 

What do ya'll think about this beef? Are you riding with Birdman or Rick Ross?