Before he was scheduled to perform a show in Miami last night, DaBaby was detained and arrested for battery after he was reportedly involved in the robbery of a promoter. Baby will reportedly remain in jail until he sees a judge, being accused of stealing the promoter's phone and $80 before dousing him in apple juice. The altercation is said to have begun after the man offered to pay the North Carolina native $20K for the show instead of the $30K they had initially agreed on. Reactions have been pouring in on social media, with many fans wishing for Baby to get out of jail promptly and safely. Rick Ross' baby mama Tia Kemp, on the other hand, wants him to remain locked up.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

In a report by SOHH, Tia Kemp appears ecstatic that DaBaby was arrested, previously requesting he leave the city of Miami after an incident on New Year's Eve. Posting a screenshot of the arrest confirmation, Kemp reportedly said: "Didn't I tell him to get the hell out My City?! Now look u down there n my sister cell! Y'all took ppl money at club story New Year's Eve but let me call city of Miami [police] department an see wat I Can Do!"

Tia Kemp's social media accounts are private but she appears incensed about DaBaby's show a few days ago. So much so that she believes jail time is appropriate.