You'd think that after Albert Robinson, also known as rapper Albee Al, was acquitted of murder in 2014 that we wouldn't hear about his catching another case so soon—if ever. Five years ago, Robinson stood accused of throwing 17-year-old Jermaine Williams into the Hudson River after Robinson's cousin, Joshua Robinson, allegedly shot the teen back in 2010. The rapper was found not guilty of aggravated manslaughter, reckless manslaughter, and first-degree murder. 

Robinson didn't walk out of court a free man, however. He went to jail on gun charges and reportedly completed a five-year sentence, according to Now, investigators claim that Robinson was involved in an altercation that took place on August 23 that resulted in two men being shot. Both victims survived the shooting. The 32-year-old, along with another man, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder.

If convicted, Robinson faces anywhere from 10 to 20 years behind bars for each attempted murder charge. Aside from his run-ins with the law, Robinson was also involved in a 2016 Jersey City shooting where he was reportedly grazed by a bullet. Prosecutors are asking a judge to deny Robinson bond in hopes of keeping the rapper in jail throughout his trial.