Many rappers talk about their street credibility or the amount of dirt they did in the streets. However, the majority of those rappers rap from retrospection. Tay-K, on the other hand, was really living it when his viral song "The Race" took off. At the time the video was shot, Tay-K was on the run from the police for a murder charge he caught. The charge stems from a home invasion in 2016 that left one man dead. Now it's looking like he has another charge on his hand.

My San Antonio recently reported that Tay-K is facing a second capital murder charge. The rapper is reportedly a suspect in a fatal shooting that left a man dead at a San Antonio Chick-Fil-A in April. The police report says that three people were allegedly arguing behind a SUV on the Loop 410 access road. Someone in the vehicle allegedly pointed a gun at the victim who then hopped out and screamed for help.

The victim, Mark Anthony Saldivar, was standing in front of the vehicle before someone sped up towards him. Police say Saldivar  allegedly hopped onto the car and started kicking the windshield of the vehicle. That's when they say someone got out of the car, shot Saldivar once and then took off in the vehicle. The affidavit says that four people, including Tay-K, were in the vehicle when it sped off. However, the other three suspects identities are still unknown right now.

They found Saldivar dead body in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot. The victim was found dead in the parking lot with marijuana in his mouth and another bag of weed under him. The police report says there is surveillance footage of the incident to help their investigation and Crime Stoppers announced they have a $5000 reward for anyone with information on what took place.

The incident took place almost a month after he was in court to determine whether he'd stand trial as a juvenile or an adult. It was determined in late August that he will be tried as an adult.

Details on his initial arrest has surfaced as well. Authorities allege that he, along with four other people, robbed Ethan Matthew Walker. They say they initially sent three women into the victim's house to check it out before Tay-K and another individual ran into the home with "guns pointed at everyone", as claimed by the affidavit. However, the victim allegedly fired shots at Tay-K and the other suspect before they fired back and killed him. 

Tay-K was later arrested and is now in Tarrant County Jail on $500 K bond.