Atlanta lyricist and Gucci Mane affiliate Ralo has been dealing with a federal drug case for the past three years. The artist was arrested alongside 13 other individuals three years ago on charges of trafficking millions of dollars worth of marijuana. Last year, it seemed like he had made reasonable strides in the case after it was reported he was granted a nearly $250 thousand bond before evidence that he was orchestrating drug deals behind bars surfaced. 

To this day, he remains behind bars. Ralo has fortunately just received good news regarding the Free Ralo movement, receiving a major co-sign from a former congressman in his ongoing fight to be freed. In a letter addressed to current POTUS Joe Biden shared with Complex, former Georgia Rep. Kwanza Hall urged the president to grant the rapper clemency. 

“[Ralo] has pleaded guilty, accepted reasonability and is currently awaiting sentencing,” Hall wrote in his letter. “... As a long-time advocate for racial equality and justice reform, I truly believe that it is long past time to end the war on drugs, particularly with regard to marijuana.”

“During your campaign, you promised to decriminalize marijuana, release those who are still in prison for marijuana-related offenses and expunge the records of those with felony marijuana convictions so that they may go on to live meaningful lives,” he continued. “… [Ralo] is very influential amongst young people throughout the nation and can be a very strong force for good working with myself and other justice reform advocates.”