Earlier today a video surfaced that showed R. Kelly making fun of an autistic fan after the young man sang his song "I Believe I Can Fly.”

R. Kelly apparently ran into Lenny Felix outside of a Los Angeles nightclub and filmed his rendition of the track, where Kelly turned to the camera and sang, "I believe that your high, I believe that your touching the sky/ Smoking on that Percocet, Nigga where you goin' tell me whats next." 

Family members told TMZ that Lenny's reaction to the clip was, "I don't want him to think I'm dumb. Do you think he was making fun of me?” 

When the video began to go viral, Kelly quickly removed it from his Instagram and replaced it with a two-part video clarifying the incident. In the first clip, he explains how he approached Lenny, who seemed drunk and didn't seem like he had autism at all, to joke with him the same way he does with all his fans. The second part of the video hears Kelly explaining how this sort of situation "is obviously people trying to blackball" him and bring him down. 

His videos have done nothing for Lenny's family since they are going forward with suing Kelly calling his apology insulting, TMZ reports. 

Lenny's uncle, Scott Lettieri, tells the publication that Kelly "would not take responsibility for disrespecting and getting a laugh at the expense of a sensitive young man who suffers from autism." Scott adds that Kelly used a "Trumpian rationalization for shaming and bullying a sweet autistic young man ... [and] we feel there is no recourse but to pursue legal action."

R. Kelly's team has yet to respond to the legal action. Check out some of the reactions over Twitter below. What do you guys think?