It appears R Kelly might be in some hot water again. According to a clip that TMZ obtained, the Chicago singer bullied an autistic fan into singing one of his songs, then made fun of him and accused him of being high on Percocet. As a result, Kellz might have himself a lawsuit on his hands.

So apparently R. Kelly ran into a fan named Lenny Felix outside a nightclub in Los Angeles the other night. In the clip, you can see Lenny was visibly star struck by running into the R&B singer, and Kelly decided to abuse his power and bait the autistic fan to sing one of his songs, most notably “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Rather than showing his appreciation or giving thanks, Kelly looked into the camera and mockingly sang, "I believe that your high, I believe that your touching the sky/ Smoking on that Percocet, Nigga where you goin' tell me whats next." Kelly’s fans instantly bursted out laughing in his face, and Lenny’s family was shocked by it all and feel he was victimized, which he most likely was.

Lenny’s family told TMZ that their son’s reaction to the clip was, "I don't want him to think I'm dumb. Do you think he was making fun of me?” And apparently his mom is heartbroken, and says the family has met with an attorney.

This wouldn’t the first time a celebrity had made fun of a disability fan and had to pay for it though. 50 Cent, Shaquille O'Neal and Waka Flaka have all been sued after mocking fans with disabilities in the past, and it looks like R. Kelly is about to be next.

Check out the clip that TMZ got of R. Kelly making fan of the disability kid (below) and sound off in the comments. As if R Kelly didn’t have enough bad PR out there already, this just adds to his long list of scumbag moves.

Edit: After the clip surfaced online Wednesday morning, Kells took to his social media to responds to these allegations of him making fun of an autistic fan. See what he had to say in the second clip (below).