The Migos' third Culture album has been pushed back until after Offset drops off his solo tape but in the meantime, Quavo has shown us another Culture move in the form of permanent ink on his body. A new photo shows the "WORKIN ME" rapper showing off what looks like to be a fresh tattoo on his lower chest. 

Quavo is no rookie when it comes to tattoos and he does have a few other pieces that reflect the projects made by him Offset and Takeoff

"Everything I do on my album I can do with the boys. We’re just trying something new. I feel like with the boys, it’s bigger—super, super, super bigger moments," Quavo previously told GQ when discussing doing music outside of the Migos.

"If I make myself a great artist by doing this, it only makes our group super, super huge. It makes the demand even bigger and better, because then we’ll be able to do a Migos concert and solo tours all in one, and that’s my dream. My dream is to host a concert, but let the Migos headline it, and I open up. And each solo artist opens up for the Migos. Kind of like how Michael Jackson did the reunion [with the Jackson 5]."