Quavo's answer to Popeye's and Chick-fil-A's growing hostilities was to stockpile their products for fear of a food shortage. Surely, there's enough chicken sandwich to go around, but don't tell that to the founding Migos member, whose latest sales plan is to sell Popeye's out of his trunk at an inflationary rate of $1000 a pop.


Chick-fil-A fancies itself the originator of the "chicken sandwich" on a corporate scale. So it stands to reason that when hostilities kicked off, it was due to Popeye's introduction of a new "chicken sandwich" on their nationwide menu. As you likely heard, Popeye's new addition has been such a hit with the clientele that drive-thru tellers have had to board up their windows for fear of an uprising. 

Quavo on the other hand, is none too concerned with the risk factor posed by a zombielike crowd crossing paths with him in the parking lot. Quite the opposite. Quavo wants to rekindle the sort of arrangement he once had (or still maintains) with the fiends. Instead of driving up the price of admission in view of his streaming numbers - Quavo is here to profit on the coming apocalypse while the getting is good, Chicken shortage or not.