It be like that sometimes. Somebody always needs to win when you're facing off against your boys on the sticks. Whether you're playing Madden 20, NBA 2K20, or another head-to-head game, this is the season for competitive spirit with your homies. With the NFL season fully underway and the countdown dimming for the National Basketball Association calendar year, everybody is rushing to see how their favourite team will fare in the virtual standings. Quavo and Travis Scott were recently chilling and they decided to bond over a quick game of football, matching up their top teams and seeing who would take the L. It turns out the match-up wasn't even close. In fact, you can say that Quavious bodied La Flame.

David Becker/Getty Images

Showing off the score at the end of the second quarter, Quavo bragged that he was taking advantage of Travis' inexperience, scoring thirty points to his zero in the first half. "Another cap I peeled back," said the Migos rapper as he clowned his friend. The final score wasn't revealed but, judging from Cactus Jack's embarrassed reaction, we're going to guess this was a major blow-out in favour of the Ravens. 

In case you don't remember, Quavo was also a pretty skilled football player in real life. His highlight reel has gone around in past years and he's definitely got skills. I guess they transfer to the controller.