He may have been the one to file divorce papers this time around, but Ray J is having second thoughts. It was months ago that Princess Love filed and retracted her petition for divorce from her reality star husband, leaving many to believe that the pair were working out their differences. However, it came as a shock to learn that Ray J wanted to split from his wife, but in the interviews to follow, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has repeatedly stated that he wants to keep his family together, adding that he loves his wife dearly.

Ray J, Princess Love, Divorce, Claudia Jordan, Fox Soul
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Meanwhile, it has been reported that this recent divorce filing came as a shock to Princess Love, and when she spoke with Claudia Jordan for Fox Soul, the reality star admitted that she isn't currently interested in reconciling with her husband. "I was completely caught off guard. My friend sent me a screenshot and she was like, 'Hey, is this true?'" Princess said of how she found out about Ray J wanting a divorce. "I was like, 'Uh, I don't know. Let me find out.'"

She looked online and saw that it was a widely circulated news story, so she called her lawyer to check the validity of the claims. Then, she reached out to Ray J. "I was calling him and I was texting him. I wasn't calling to [cry about it]." Elsewhere, Princess Love admitted that she still loves her husband, but she no longer wants to be with him.

"I feel like right now, we just...I don't know. We just need to just really figure out—no, I don't. Not right now, I don't." Check out portions of her interview below.