If you have just been released from custody and are in the midst of resolving a beef, you have pretty good reason to celebrate. 

On Friday (Jan. 17), Pop Smoke was arrested at JFK airport for allegedly stealing a Rolls Royce Wraith. The Brooklyn rapper is pleading not guilty, as he claims he arranged to borrow the vehicle for a music video when attempting to transport it from California to New York. He's due in court on February 3rd to settle the case, for which he faces ten years if found guilty. If all works out for Pop Smoke, his star will continue to rise and he will be able to pay back his mother, who reportedly paid off his $250,000 bond by listing her home for sale.

It was a hectic week for Pop Smoke, as he was also caught up in a beef with fellow Brooklynite, Casanova. The feud stemmed from Casanova believing that Pop Smoke was stealing his slang and prematurely declaring himself the "King of New York". After the two of them publicly sent some shots at one another, they met up to squash this squabble on Sunday


Casanova proved that all was good between them by posting photos that showed them playfully fighting one another. Page Six has now provided us with more details on what went down that evening. The reconciliation party was held in a private dining room at Brooklyn Chop House. A source said that the rappers and their crews were “popping bottles of champagne at a table filled with porterhouse steaks, salt-and-pepper lobsters and pastrami dumplings." Pop Smoke apparently paid the property gratuity for this feast, leaving an $1,000 tip. 

Amidst all this commotion, Pop Smoke dropped a new song on Friday, "Christopher Walking".