Ozuna was in a gratuitous mood this week as he presented himself in Las Vegas, several days before the Billboard Latin Awards were set to commence Thursday evening. During one of many speaking engagements arranged in his honor (or Billboard’s Latin Music Week as they called it), Ozuna showed plenty of remorse for the way he'd conducted leading up his extortion scandal. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If you'll recall, Ozuna was at the center of an extortion plot, culminating in the dubious death of fellow Latin Trap artist Kevin Fret. It was a tricky situation, to say the least, because, Ozuna had to publicly "out himself" by way of a sketchy sex tape, before retaking the narrative. For that, Ozuna is still apologizing to the fans who've stuck by him throughout the sketchy episode.

“I would have liked somebody to have shown me God's way before. If I had known that as a child, I wouldn’t have gone through some of the things I went through,” Ozuna said at a conference organized by Billboard. "[The video] is something that I did when I was young and I never knew I was going to be famous. This is something I would tell the youth because you never know where your future is going to take you."

Ozuna picked up a whopping 11 Billboard awards on 12 nominations at last night's Billboard gala.