When Bad Bunny posted an affectionate portrait with Rosalía yesterday, the dreamers and schemers of social media readily took it as an insinuation of romance, or at the very least his unrequited love for the Spanish songstress. Bunny posted the picture to Instagram retrospectively after they'd crossed paths at Coachella 2019. The caption read, "creo que me enamoré," which translates to  "I think I fell in love," in a manner of speaking. 

The social media mavens who blew Bunny's "budding affection" were squarely out of the picture when Entertainment Tonight's Denny Directo and Grecia Lopez cornered the Spanish songstress at last night's Latin Billboard Awards gala in Las Vegas. 

To their credit. Denny and Grecia were able to convince Rosalía to address the affectionate post once and for all. Unfortunately for Bad Bunny, the conversation ended in Rosalía placing him in the unenviable "friend zone," despite his efforts to build a "showmance" narrative off their Coachella 2019 meeting.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"He's a friend. He's a good friend," Rosalía said with an unmistakably devilish grin on her face. "And it's a cool picture." But all hope wasn't lost, as she would admittedly like to continue her foray in the Americas with Bad Bunny in the passenger side for the ride, musically-speaking.

Rosalía finished up with Entertainment Tonight by hyping up her imminent Billboard Latin performance with J Balvin and El Guincho, her collaborators on "Con Altura." Coincidentally, Bad Bunny also took to the stage, on a pulsing Jet Ski no less. Check out his highly-energetic performance of "Tenemos Que Hablar."