It may have taken Keyshia Cole a bit to warm up to O.T. Genasis's cover of her song, but the R&B singer said she understood that the rapper was having a bit of fun. Initially, Keyshia said she was confused about the Long Beach rapper's rendition of her classic hit "Love," but audiences couldn't get enough of O.T. Genasis's Crip-inspired "Never Knew." Clips began to surface on social media showing people at house parties belting out the rapper's new single, and he even shared a video of a live crowd singing along to the top of their lungs.

Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

"Bruno Mars, he made a video for Valentine's Day. I was like, that's crazy," Keyshia said of "Love" on Instagram Live. She added, "He sung the whole song, but he sung it the way I wrote it, and I'm just used to that. So, I felt like it was a real surprise when I heard [O.T. Genasis] do it in a different way. That's where my confusion came in at...But, I think it's funny as hell."

There must have been enough people who didn't see the humor in it because on Tuesday, Genasis took to his Instagram to share some sad news. "They took 'Never Knew' down from YouTube...Somebody hated on my sh*t smh!" He captioned the text image with, "Damn cuzz ..Somebody don’t like me lol." 

Some people commented that it was Keyshia's fault, but the singer hasn't responded to the accusations. However, from her Instagram Live, it didn't seem as if Keyshia was concerned enough to get "Never Knew" taken off of YouTube. Hopefully, O.T. Genasis can get it all straightened out.