She may just be five-years-old but North West is not about to spend her Valentine's Day alone. The fashion-crazed daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly has her first-ever boyfriend and her choice in boys will likely please her father. For a few days, Caiden Mills, Consequence's seven-year-old son, has been posting photos of himself chilling with the West family. He posted shots of himself with Saint, North and their parents before getting a couple pic with only Nori. "Boo'd Up," he captioned the image. According to Elle, Caiden is "dating" North West. Or, whatever that means to kids of that age.

For Valentine's Day, Caiden copped some fresh ice for his girl, stopping by Tiffany's & Co. to buy North a brand new necklace. "Shout out to Northie, Babygirl I’ll see you soon," adorably captioned Consequence's little boy. Considering Consequence's musical history with Kanye West, we're guessing they conspired to get their kids together so they could keep the music coming for generations to come. After all, Caiden has already released his own music, paying homage to Nicki Minaj last year on "Dreams About Nicki." 

If they're able to stick it out together for a few decades, they have the potential to become the next big power couple. Caiden as a famous rapper and North as a world-class fashion designer? We can see it happening.