Caiden Mills, the six-year-old son of Consequence, has just released a brand new video for his song, "Dream About Nicki." In the song, he raps about his love for the Young Money artist with style and flow beyond his years.

The video sees the young emcee sticking to Nicki's original theme rapping against various colored backgrounds. "So here's an introduction to a friendly face," he raps, "not the same threats that your enemies make/ because all the barbs know my flow be barb wire." Little man's skills are nothing to mess with; The Queen artist herself took a moment to shout out his work taking to her Instagram to post, "[Consequence] he’s a superstar, babe! [Caiden] I’ll meet you ANYTIME, my love! Great job! 🎈" 

In an interview with HipHopDX, Caiden opened up about his career, and how first got started. “On my dad’s phone I was playing a video game, and then after my daddy played a beat, we went to the studio and did it,” he says of his first single, "We The Minions (Yellow Diamonds).” He even mentioned using his career as a means of staying ahead financially. “He knows that life comes with overheads,” his father revealed. “We just left Disney, and he knows he needs to [go] back [there] with a couple thousand next time.”

Check out "Dream About Nicki" below.