The Barbershop series is a beloved franchise, and had it not had a minor misstep with spin-off, Beauty Shop, it probably would have spawned a few more sequels. Well, it's never too late to reignite a successful series, and Barbershop will be getting a proper third installment with much of the returning cast, including Ice Cube, Eve, and Cedric The Entertainer.

Of course, if they're looking for new fans, they'll have to give things a more modern twist, and the addition of Nicki Minaj as a cast member should be a big draw for the younger crowd.

Minaj made her big screen debut in The Other Woman a couple years back, and while it's not clear if her Barbershop role will be yet another bit part, or a starring role, the director has confirmed her involvement, and she's even sat down for a table reading.

No news on when the film will be arriving, but it looks as if filming should begin fairly soon.

Check out some tweets and photos from rehearsals below. One pic seems to confirm that Common will also have a part in the film.