Nicki Minaj ain't having it with anyone trying to pretend they got big money when really they don't. In a new Instagram share, Nicki is seen brushing her golden locks off her face and says, "stop lying." Her caption details people who "come around purposely talking super duper loud" about their spendings when she knows they don't have the bread for their purchases.

"U can’t lie to ppl with money about what things cost. Niggaz know what it costs," her caption reads. Check out the full post below.

You gotta wonder who this post is aimed at. Nicki recently sent out a tweet reading, "I’m glad y’all peeped" that many fans assumed was her response to Cardi B being accused of stealing her swag. The tweet held no context, but would Cardi even be a contender as the unnamed individual in Nicki's video post? The "Bartier Cardi" emcee clearly has been making money moves so she doesn't need to be boasting about any spendings.

I guess we'll give it time and see what the Twitterverse says about this video. So far, many fans are alluding that Nicki predicted the whole controversy around Offset cheating on Cardi B with her lyrics in "Motorsport": "Watch your man, you should watch your mouth."

What do you guys think?