From the looks of it, Nicki Minaj is pretty stoked on her new rendition of Lil Baby & Gunna's "Drip Too Hard." Her version titled "Barbie Drip" sounds off on the bags that remain within arm's reach. We're talking about a self-proclaimed Queen who emerged from "the city of the potholes" to build herself a cartoonesque pyramid of worship. 

To hype up her new releases, Nicki Minaj had to raise the bar to a significant level, having already announced the completion of a 5th studio album, a tour with Juice WRLD, and collaboration with Soulja Boy to come out in the not-so-distant future. Knowing full well she'd done enough to hold our attention throughout the weekend, Nicki Minaj jumped on Instagram to present her fans with a gesture of goodwill: a sexy hand bra pose.

This just goes to show you: there's more than one facet of the Queen persona drawing us to Nicki Minaj. With all the resources at her disposal, a simple game of cosplay materializes into something big in no time. Nicki Minaj's borderline NSFW act is always presented to the general public in a teasing manner. We've seen it, once-twice-three times before, and yet the Barbie's are still on board. If you haven't heard "Barbie Dip," now's your chance.