A few days ago, Nick Cannon slid into the comments section of Kevin Hart's early Valentine's Day post, clowning him for taking a photo with his wife in their underwear. To be fair, the picture was meant to be used as promotion for their partnership with an undergarments brand. Nick Cannon was hearing none of that, though. He stepped back into the spotlight by once again hitting Kevin Hart where it hurts and this time, he dug a little deeper.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Leaving his mark on a photo of the comedian with Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle, Nick Cannon had a few things to get off his chest. "First let's talk about them Baby Frankenstein Boots and then the fact that you feel it's okay to go out in public dressed like a grown ass teddy bear," wrote Cannon. "Furthermore, Your body is getting too big for your head! Stop lifting weights!!!"

His final touch of shade was the most potent, bringing Nipsey into the drama. "Lastly Why @NipseyHustle look like your pimp and you afraid to tell him you only made Fifteen dollars last night!" The photo in question is pretty hilarious. The size difference between Kevin and Nip is notable and their facial expressions make Nick's observations even more hilarious. Kevin actually responded to the comment, saying that he couldn't stop laughing at the "pimp" line.

Somehow, Kevin Hart always manages to find himself at the center of the joke.