These days, Nick Cannon is making headlines mostly for his brash nature in interviews. It's not uncommon for the comedian to push the boundaries in his speech and that's exactly why fans were so in love with his guest hosting role on Wendy Williams' talkshow. In fact, some of the producers of the show are pushing for Wendy to be fired so that Nick can take over full-time. Right now, Nick Cannon has a lot going for him. He recently slid into a similarly successful comedian's comment section to show him who's boss.

Kevin Hart was getting ready for an early Valentine's Day with his wife Eniko when Nick Cannon rolled around to ruin things. Hart posted a photo of himself and his girl cuddling in bed in their matching underwear. Nick Cannon was a little confused though and he went to the comments to voice his concern. "Okay, first off, who lays around in their drawls with a half million dollar watch on?!" asked Cannon. "Secondly, go lotion your knees! Lastly, where is Eniko's other hand??? Most likely up yo Puppet Ass!!" 

All valid questions from Nick Cannon. The watch is definitely a subtle flex. There is no reason to be rocking that piece in bed. As for where Eniko's other hand is... that's actually pretty unclear. Is it around Kevin's shoulder or is Nick actually right? All things to consider.