Wild 'N Out is one of the more exciting shows on television because you never know what will happen. For fans of battle rap, Nick Cannon has created a platform where celebrity guests can try out their hand at battling for the throne. Hip-hop is the most competitive musical genre out there. The reason why it often gets compared to sporting activities is because, for years, people have been feuding to determine who the greater lyricist is. If you can freestyle from the top of your head and still manage to craft clever punchlines, you automatically get some extra points. Lupe Fiasco may not have been that active in the last few months but don't be mistaken -- he hasn't put down the microphone just yet. He's still content with hopping on whenever he's needed to deliver some head-nodders and he did so this week on Wild 'N Out.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Nick Cannon wanted to start things out against Lupe, rapping along to the flow of Kanye West's "Touch The Sky." "I gotta testify, come up on my show I'm looking extra fly, you was with Kanye on 'Touch The Sky' but he traded you for Trump, now you extra dry," he spits.

His opponent noted how he sounded too prepared to have come up with that on the spot. "I got a funny feeling that was pre-written," he said. "But this right here, I'm taking it free. I'm Kaepernick with a cape, you should take this from me. Every time you in my presence you should be taking a knee."

Cannon's direct response doesn't exactly satisfy Lupe more than his "pre-written" verse the first time. Have a listen below.