For years, Lupe Fiasco has been hinting at his retirement from music. It felt as though he was going to stay away from the microphone before he dropped Drogas Wave, which actually ended up being one of the better projects from last year. His status in the game was unclear after the album released. Would he be letting the fans hear any more of his work or was he really done for good? We all hoped that maybe, Lupe had it in him to record another body of work. Unfortunately, it's looking like the chances are slim after the rapper tweeted what appears to be another goodbye message to the game.

Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

After so many classic works, Lupe Fiasco is still somehow criminally underrated. As a lyricist, he comes second to none with his work on the mic proving to be phenomenal on so many different occasions. After a fan tweeted that Lupe was always "ahead of his time," the artist chimed in by seemingly saying goodbye to music.

"On to new things and new avenues...rap was good to me so can’t complain," he wrote. "Got a little shine for second most folks will never get any so I’m blessed just to have been a contender." At this point, Lupe doesn't need to be humble but his message shows a lot of his character and who he really is. We're hoping he reconsiders but for now, it's looking like Lupe is closing out his music career.