J Dilla's catalog is the gift that keeps on giving.

While fans have been able to get their hands on re-releases and deluxe packages of the late producer's work in the past, his estate is now offering the ultimate hip-hop head's dream with a new production kit. It is the Ne'Astra Music Group that now links with Nature Sounds to present "The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee." 

Arriving in a collector's box, the kit is a limited edition set that features a USB drive with over 100 sounds from Dilla's royalty-free instrumentals. Curated by Young RJ, the sounds were all extracted from 2-inch multitrack tapes, transferred over to Pro Tools, and mixed and engineered by Todd Fairall, the Studio A Recording engineer behind Slum Village's Fantastic, Vol. 2

“This is for all the true hip-hop heads that have been wanting them Dilla sounds,” explains Young RJ. “We wanted to make sure it was right for you. We’re giving it to you the way Dilla gave it to us.”

The kit is the first ever of its kind and it's currently available via pre-order for $60. If you decide to forgo the USB, a digital version is also available for purchase via Splice. In addition, Splice has also partnered with the likes of Mannie Fresh, Monte Booker, and Black Milk to create their own packs and interpretations of J Dilla's sounds.