Yougboy Never Broke Again may have attempted to show resilience in the face of legal adversity; evidently, the attempt was in vain. With the promised mixtape nowhere in sight, YoungBoy's recent arrest over kidnapping, aggravated assault, and weapon charges has already proven to have serious ramifications on his career. While his debut album Until Death Call My Name was originally slated for a March 2nd release (no dice), the rapper's project has officially been pushed back, as per XXL

 Now, fans can expect the album on April 27th. There's no telling whether or not the legal trouble will continue to plague YoungBoy, but only time will tell. While his girlfriend claims they were simply playing, security footage of the incident is troubling to say the least. Hopefully the promising young talent can find a way to once again set his course. 

It seems as if these young rappers are having difficulty abiding by the law. Kodak Black, Lil Pump, XXXTentacion , and now YoungBoy have already landed arrests under their belts; it's a shame, as the majority of them are talented artists. The reality of the situation is that legal drama can and will force a career to the wayside. How are you supposed to tour in support of an album if you're behind bars? Plus, it's hard enough for rappers to hit up Canada in the first place. Hopefully these youngsters can see that their careers will only go as far as their personality can take them.