YoungBoy Never Broke Again did not have the greatest weekend by any means. The New Orleans upstart was arrested due to outstanding warrants in his name, and a video surfaced of him allegedly abusing his girlfriend, body slamming her in the hallway of a hotel. NBA YoungBoy is trying to stay positive throughout all the drama, keeping his eyes on the future and attempting to leave the past behind him, announcing a new mixtape is arriving in two days. The news was announced via his Instagram story and it is unsurprising that the rapper would attempt to capitalize on the recent publicity, positive or negative.

YoungBoy's girlfriend has spoken out about the drama, defending him by saying that they were play-fighting. From the looks of the video that we previously shared, the rapper slams the woman down aggressively and it's difficult to watch. If that's them playing around, I don't want to see what a real fight would look like.

NBA YoungBoy has been growing his stock recently, with his name garnering more attention on the music scene. It's upsetting to see legal issues play into his career at such a young age. We will see how the mixtape is received on Wednesday and gauge if the scandal has affected YoungBoy's success at all.