This recent message isn't the first that the public has received from NBA YoungBoy but it arguably the longest. The rapper continues his stint behind bars on federal weapons charges, and while his legal team works around the clock to make sure he'll be enjoying his freedom soon, his loved ones have shared bits and pieces of their contact with YoungBoy. In a new message shared today (May 14), he seems to confirm that he does have another child on the way with girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle following rumors of her pregnancy while he expresses his frustrations with feeling alone in the world.

"I have a hard time paying attention i then gave and i then been there for people without having nobody to be there for me even with people i talk to now if they wasn't waiting to receive or been giving something already they wouldn't be here," YoungBoy began.

"Im a man before anything," he continued. "I had to apologize to myself for not protecting my heart and allowing most of this to happen i read letters from my supporters and find joy inside and yes i said that right (my supporters) yall are not fans we scream F.A.N together (f*ck a n*gga) LOL but all jokes aside i ain't got nothing against nobody i dont want no problem neither just stop speaking on me we don't concern each other."

"I really just want to be there when my daughter born i want to be in the same house as her while she grow up i never had that experience," said YoungBoy. "Jaz im sorry (ma'ma) i promise im sorry for every time i said something to another woman for every time they ever gotten the chance to come around ill give you anything for you not to leave anything to have you when its all said and done."

He added that he's "good" and gave love to "the ones who really wish for the best for me." Check out the post below.