Nas is still doted on as a respected figure in today's hip hop game. Remember when he proclaimed Hip Hop dead in 2006? Everyone took notice and became extra critical in their approach. Fast forward to today, and Nasir Jones is just as vocal in expression. Yesterday, Nas made an Instagram post promoting his single with DJ Esco and Future which contained the following message:

"Today's game is as big as it gets. It seems like nobody gettin along tho. It's a big enough game to do what you do and let ya talent speak for itself. This new cat over here says something bad about Pac. This older guy gets mad at the new guy. Or "Nas ain't hip hop. Migos and Future are Hip Hop" Neil Diamond x Jack White have a Concert coming up together. Gettin it done. 
White musicians have that freedom and are praised for coming together... more power to them and I'm a fan of it.
why can't black artist do that and make it cool? We are all artists, let's all evolve together. Walk With Me. WALK THRU."

The message is quite clear, Nas is calling for unity in hip hop. Not that he wasn't part of a commercialized feud, "Ether" is one of the most celebrated diss records of our time. What Nas is really getting at is the economic force of hip hop presenting a great opportunity for artists to work together and reap the benefits. Instead of creating division, or playing a part in its sustenance, Black artists can take ownership of their cultural footprint. Nas might be a few light steps ahead of general thought.