For months, people have been wondering whether the hints that Tennesee rapper, MonyeyBagg Yo, was dropping that him and Megan Thee Stallion had a thing going on, were true or not. Earlier this month, Meg officialized their status by sharing a picture to Instagram which confirmed our suspicions, captioning the pic of the two "He's a Hot Boy now." It didn't take long for the couple to start being comfortable frequently sharing one another on their social media pages, with both of them exchanging cute "I miss you" tweets on Twitter. And now, the rapper has taken to Instagram to show off his hot boy transformation, sharing an insane before and after of his body.

"Before & After And Still Goin," he captions the slideshow, "let’s This Be Motivation 😅🙌🏽." In the first clip, though we can't clearly see Moneybagg's face as he talks on the phone, it is easy to spot his belly (no shade, we all appreciate a dad bod lol); but it's insane to compare it to the second clip. Moneybagg Yo proudly shows off his tight and toned physique in the "after" clip, as he counts money and smokes a blunt, not having to worry about sucking in his washboard stomach. A Before And After worthy of a gym campaign.