Last week, MoneyBagg Yo inadvertently found his name in the news when he was named as the potential reason why Karlie Redd and her fiancé broke up. The rapper had been chatting with the Love & Hip Hop star during a live-stream and when the conversation got pretty flirty, fans alerted Redd's partner who decided to pull the plug on their relationship. The Memphis artist has been romantically linked to a few women but as we all know now, he can be a little bit of a flirt. He's been on the pursuit of Megan Thee Stallion as of late, getting to know the Houston hottie in person a few weeks ago. His crush has stood true until today because MoneyBagg Yo decided to let the world in on his secret, crowning Meg as his WCW of the week. 

Many people believe that Megan and MoneyBagg Yo are dating because this isn't the first time they've popped up on the other's page. With the addition of Hot Girl Meg as his Woman Crush Wednesday, those rumours will only continue to fly. It will definitely be worth it to keep an eye on these two because something is likely going on.

Both artists have released new projects in the last month. Check out MoneyBagg Yo's new tape 43VA Heartless here and peep Megan Thee Stallion's debut album Fever here.