It's been three years since Mob Wives aired its final episode following explosive six seasons of the VH1 reality show. Millions of viewers watched as women involved in the mob life balanced family, friendships, and oftentimes loved ones behind bars. Drita D'Avanzo began her reality TV career on the show as her husband, Lee D'Avanzo, was serving out a lengthy sentence for a bank robbery. VH1 described Lee as "the leader of a Bonanno and Colombo crime family farm team." During her Mob Wives stint, Drita almost divorced Lee, but when he was released, it was obvious that these two were going to make their marriage work no matter what.

Drita was known for her hot, and sometimes violent, temper, as well as her rap star aspirations. She even linked with Method Man on the show and received a few pointers from the Wu-Tang legend. In her non-television life, Drita has been committed to being a wife, mother, and business owner, but news surfaced on Friday that Drita and Lee were arrested in Staten Island after officers raided their home and found "more than a pound of marijuana and modest amounts of hydrocodone and Xanax pills," according to The New York Times. The outlet also stated that firearms were seized.

The husband-wife duo was arraigned on Friday afternoon and was hit with various drug and weapons-related charges. Drita's fairweather friend and Mob Wives co-star Renee Graziano, commented on the arrest news. "After All The Dms, Text Messages, News And Now Blogs That Have Contacted Me Within The Last 2 Hrs I'm Going To Address The Situation (which we all know what I'm referencing) And Then Leave It Alone," Renee wrote on Instagram. "No Matter Whether I'm On Good Terms With Someone Or Not I'd NEVER Wish Nor Want To See Anyone Go To Jail!! Especially A Mother!! This Is A Shame And I'm Sure It Will Be Rectified Quickly."