Last week, Toronto rapper Mo-G, a member of the group Halal Gang, became the latest of Drake's behind-the-scenes collaborators to incite controversy, as he put up a series of since-deleted Instagram posts that accused the OVO rapper of swagger jacking and short-changing him for songwriting credits. The post came less than two months after Drake shouted out Mo-G on his latest single, "Summer Sixteen." 

Today, Mo-G posted an Instagram picture of his face covered in blood and bruises, and one can see stitches toward the top of his forehead. "When you speak from your heart this is what happens," wrote Mo-G, implying that there is a correlation between his newly sustained injuries and the damning accusations he made against Drake last week. He added the hashtags "Dirtysociety" and "Dirtyindustry" to his post. 

The graphic photo has since been removed from Mo-G's Instagram, though you can see a screenshot in the above gallery. 

Mo-G's potential allegations of violent assault against those in Drake's circle come soon after Quentin Miller, still the most notorious of OVO's ghostwriting suspects, revealed that he was beat up by Meek Mill and the Dreamchasers in L.A.