The world of Major League Baseball was shaken this weekend after reports surfaced that Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez was arrested on charges of soliciting a minor for sex. The 28-year-old reportedly began corresponding with the now 15-year-old (some publications list her as 16) teen when she was 13-years-old. Vazquez stands accused of sending her sexually explicit videos, including some that show Vazquez performing sexual acts. There are also allegedly messages where the professional baseball player tells the girl that once the season was over, he wanted them to meet up to have sex.

Twenty-four hours after we first reported on this, more details regarding the case have emerged per ESPN. The publication shares that Vazquez faces six counts, many of which are felonies, including unlawful contact with a minor, statutory sexual assault, indecent assault, and corruption of a minor. His bail has been denied.

According to the report, Vazquez and the then-13-year-old met in Pittsburgh while he was in the bullpen at PNC Park. They exchanged information and the two kept in contact on social media and through texts. The baseball player told police that he initially didn't want to communicate with her because she was too young but later admitted that he and the teen traded nude photos. Vazquez also revealed that he did make the hourlong drive to visit her at her home where she got into his car and, according to her, he pulled down her pants and attempted to engage in a sexual act. He confirmed with authorities that he did try to have sex with her on that occasion.

The only reason that this came to light was because the teen's mother found photos of Vazquez on one of her daughter's devices. The league has placed him on leave until they decide what to do.