Missy Elliott's musical legacy goes way beyond her hit tracks "Work It," "Lose Control" and many others. The 47-year-old artist has been the crafty writer behind many legendary hits for Aaliyah, Monica, Mya and Fantasia which is why she's been nominated for entry into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, becoming the first female rapper up for the spot. 

Missy chatted with Billboard about her historic nomination, detailing how the recognition alone (whether she wins or not) is an important first step in the industry. "I hope it opens the door so people will be able to see that they [female songwriters and producers] do exist out there. I was talking to Queen Latifah the other day, saying it’s so crazy how people don’t know that there was a Patrice Rushen, who did a lot of her own stuff; an Angela Winbush … so many before me that people aren’t aware of," she said. "If I [win], I’ll have the biggest party. And if I don’t, I’ll still have a big party because I’m just grateful, and it sparks the conversation for someone that comes after me."

As for her discography, Missy said "there are so many" songs people have no idea she wrote. "Aaliyah songs have never been a surprise because people have always connected us. But I think Fantasia’s “Free Yourself” is one. People from the era before know about Monica and “So Gone.” But the new generation don’t know," she explained. 

Missy also talked about her own music she's working on. "For this album, I’m just trying to make sure that I give the best me that I can possibly give," she said.