She's taken to the MTV VMAs stage a handful of times, but for her 2020 virtual performance, Miley Cyrus has a few bones to pick with one of the award show's producers. Miley Cyrus was recently featured on the 2020 MTV VMAs as she performed her single "Midnight Sky," and while the end result looked stunning, the singer complained of an exchange she had behind the scenes while visiting The Joe Rogan Experience.

Miley Cyrus, MTV VMAS, Sexsim
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Miley Cyrus revealed that the tiff began when she asked for the lighting during her performance to be placed directly on her. She said that she wasn't "even on some diva sh*t" and just wanted to make sure there was "no key light, no beauty light." Miley added, "The beauty light is always used on women and I said turn the f*cking lights off. You would never tell Travis Scott or Adam Levine that he couldn’t turn the beauty light off.”

Producers complied and told her they'd "do the same thing that we would do with the guys" because it's what she requested. Later, her bracelets were getting caught in her costume and they said, "‘You want to be treated like a guy? We wouldn’t be dealing with this if a guy was doing it.' And I said, ‘Well, a guy wouldn’t be doing this because a guy doesn’t sell your show with sex the way that I’m going to.'"

The singer called the experience "embarrassing" and wouldn't be surprised if people thought of her as a "diva" or a "b*tch" for the request. “But, okay like, have The Weeknd come in here and say the same thing, or Kanye is like, a creative God, and it’s like, come on, why am I not getting that I’m a creative mastermind but I’m becoming a b*tch? No one would ever say that about Kanye West choosing what lighting he wants on a performance."