It's pretty common knowledge that Migos became widely popular after Drake hopped on their "Versace" record, and borrowed what many now pinpoint as the Migos flow. It's a choppy flow that we've seen take on different shapes and forms over the past year depending on who borrows it.

2 Chainz briefly made reference of the flow on his Freebasemixtape, and in his lyrics the Atlanta native suggests that Migos weren't the flow's originators, rather they borrowed it from Three 6 Mafia. In the song in question, "Trap Back," Tity Boi raps, "Look at my car, how did it get on dem sixes/ This flow come from Drizzy, he got it from Migos, they got it from Three 6."

Now Migos have responded to the lyrics in a new interview with MTV News. Quavo of the trio jokes, "Actually the origin-- I just seen on Instagram that they looking for ['the Migos flow'] in the bottom of Africa. So [2 Chainz] can’t determine the origin. I seen researchers looking for it in Africa right now."

"He just mentioned Migos' name, and as a supposed OG in the game, we feel like you’re supposed to be giving us knowledge and respect us, instead of doing that," the ATLiens say. "That ain’t how we rock, we just don’t rock like that."

Migos also took to Twitter following the song's release to express their frustration with 2 Chainz' line.